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Forex Sakura Robot Review

Forex Sakura Robot Review

Forex Sakura ReviewForex Robot: Forex Sakura (Japanese Style)

Robot Style: Scalping EURUSD, USDJPY in H1 Timeframes

Platform: MetaTrader4

License: 2 Real Accounts

Cost: 98 USD (one-time)


This is the review of the new Forex Sakura Robot.

Introduction to the Forex Sakura

The Forex Sakura is a very innovative Forex Robot that works on Metatarder4 and trades only two Forex currencies (EURUSD, USDJPY) in a full automated mode. The robot offers easy installation and configuration but for those wishing to customize it, it offers many options in order to fit any trading style. The robot incorporates unique filters as the News-Filter which allows the avoidance of trading during days of important news. The robot uses also additional filters to avoid high-spread and to avoid trading in sessions without strong trends (flat markets). In overall, what characterizes the Forex Sakura is its ability to perform selective trading and adapt in any market conditions. Selection includes trading hours, stealth mode, spread control, sensitive TP and SL and many other filters as they are presented below. The Forex Sakura costs 98USD.

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FBS Rating


FBS RATING -Using the Formula V.4.0.Total FBS Rating


FBS Rating Summary

Sum of each individual Main Factor of FBS Rating Analysis (1, 2, 3, 4)

1.Safety of Funds 26.00% 10.28% 39.53%
2.FBS Cost of Transaction 28.00% 23.50% 83.93%
3.FBS Trading-Options 26.00% 22.25% 85.58%
4.FBS Technological Efficiency 20.00% 14.00% 70.00%
Overall Rating 100.00% 79.40% 70.03%

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