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XScalper Review

XScalper Review – Forex Trading Signals

XScalper is an MT4 Indicator that identifies Forex scalping signals on M1/M5 timeframes

XScalper is a MT4 Indicator that identifies Forex scalping signals on M1/M5Name: XScalper

Type: Trading Signals Generator

Platforms: MT4

Markets: Forex (all Pairs)

Timeframes:  M1 and M5

Price: $147 (one-time)

License: 1 Real Account

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Introduction to XScalper

Developed by Karl Dittmann, XScalper is an MT4 indicator that can trade any Forex pair in any market conditions. The indicator is easy-to-use and that makes it ideal for beginners and semi-advanced Forex traders.



How the XScalper Works

The indicator, which runs exclusively on the MetaTrader-4, analyzes 24/5 the Foreign Exchange market in order to spot strong trends and find the best entry/exit points for scalping trades. When the system identifies a potential winning scalping trade, XScalper visualizes the trade, and the user must execute it manually.

XScalper uses very short timeframes (M1 and M5) in three different modes.

XScalper includes three (3) different trading modes:

(1) Conservative Mode (Low Risk/Return)

(2) Medium Mode (Medium Risk/Return), and

(3) Aggressive Mode (High Risk/Return)


XScalper incorporates easy-to-follow trading rules in order to simplify the trading process. There is a full user guide explaining in detail how the XScalper works. The customer support is available 24/7. XScalper costs $147 for 1 Real Account license.

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