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BOTS review

BOTS Signaling Service Review

BOTSTrading System Name: BOTS (Binary Options Trading Signals)

System Type: Live Trading Room & Strategy Development

Delivery: Community Room

Platform: Website (members area)

Price: $97 biweekly (subscription)


Introduction to BOTS

BOTS stands for 'Binary Options Trading Signals' and it is a signaling service that covers Binary Options and other financial instruments. BOTS is a live-trading service and a platform for strategy development. The service includes a live trading room that works from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM EST (New York Time).

» Visit the BOTS Website (BinaryOptionsTradingSignals)


BOTS Full Review


BOTS is a subscription-based service for any trader who is interested in Foreign Exchange or Binary Options.


Community Room for Developing Personal Trading Strategies

The great advantage of the service is the strategy development room where members can watch and work toward developing their own trading strategy based on charts and technical analysis. The room shows a great number of charts on a daily basis along with news and major financial events. Live chatting between members is also available. The community room is available to traders between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM New York Time (EST).


BOTS Basic Trading Features

The room shows a great number of charts on a daily basis along with news and major financial events. Live chatting between members is also available...• Live Trading with chatting (Forex and Binary Options)

• Develop trading strategies based on proprietary charts

• Community Room offering in-depth discussions regarding any aspect of trading success including Risk Management and the required mentality to achieve long-term success

• Trading education regarding all different types of financial markets


BOTS Forex Trading Signals

The option for live trading along with professionals creates a good opportunity for beginners to understand how things work. BOTS is a signaling service covering intraday traders (Forex and Binary Options).

• Focuses on Forex Majors (especially EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY)

• Timeframes from 1 minute to 15 minutes

• According to the BOTS website, traders need to dedicate 2 hours on a daily basis


BOTS Trading Strategies

BOTS offer a great variety of trading strategies, these are some common trading strategies applied by the traders of BOTS:

• Batman Strategy:

• LSR Strategy

• Tony D. DX Strategy

• Humphrey’s Strategy


BOTS Review Conclusions & Cost

The BOTS is an interesting service designed to feet the needs of intraday Forex and binary options traders. The opportunity to learn and to train is very important for beginners. The only con of the BOTS service is the subscription cost which is a little bit high for the average trader.

The full subscription costs $97 biweekly and includes access to the BOTS community room.


» Visit the BOTS Website (BinaryOptionsTradingSignals)


BOTS (Binary Options Trading Signals) Review





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