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MBFX Forex Signals Review

MBFX Signals ReviewMBFX Review 

Forex Signaling ServiceMBFX System

Delivery: SMS / Semi-Automated Trading

Platforms: All / Template for MetaTrader4

Markets: Forex / Gold / Stocks

Subscription: $97 (one-time)

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Introduction to MBFX Forex Signals

The MBFX Forex Signaling Service is operating for 20 years now and it is specialized in trading Forex. The MBFX System is designed to cover the needs of all trading styles:

1) Short and Intraday Forex Traders

2) Position Forex Traders

3) Non experienced Forex Traders

MBFX argues that on the 1-hour timeframe their system provides a 90% winning ratio. The MBFX system costs $97 and it is a one-time fee.




What it is Included in the MBFX Package

The MBFX package includes several tools for trading Forex:

1) The MBFX Trading Template (only for MT4)

2) The MBFX Indicator

3) The MBFX Opportunity Snatcher

4) The new MBFX Trend Predictor

5) Video Tutorials and e-Book about how to use the Forex Signals System


How the MBFX System Works

The MBFX system is a semi-automated Forex Trading System. It is designed to provide target-prices and stop-losses in many Forex pairs while the MBFX Timing System suggests the optimal timing to execute the trade. As the MBFX System is semi-automated, traders decide manually which Forex Pair to trade and which Time Frame to use.


MBFX System Review Conclusion

The MBFX Signaling System is simple and it is designed so it can be used by any Forex trader. Entry and exit levels are straight forward. Be aware that the stop-losses generated are fixed while the target prices are changing. That means that the system in order to maximize its winning potential should be used with high Profit / Loss Ratio, and that means P/L>1.8.


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 MBFX Forex Signals Review


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