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Forex Automoney Signals Review

Forex Automoney Signals ReviewForex Automoney Signals Review

Forex Signaling Service: Forex Automoney

Delivery: Members Area | Manual Signals

Platforms: All (not automated)

Markets: Forex (16 pairs)

Subscription: $4.95 Trial | $99.99 Per Month

Be Aware: Forex Automoney may not Longer Be Available


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Forex Automoney Trading Signals

Forex AutoMoney is a manual signal provider that generates Forex Signals for 16 Forex pairs. The subscribers receive entry and exit points through the Members Area. Here is an example of a Forex Automoney Signal:

-Forex Pair: GBP/USD
-Trade Type: SELL
-Time to Enter: 13:00 PM
-Target Profit: 100 Pips
-Stop Loss: 40 Pips


Forex Automoney Signals

Forex Automoney Strategy

Forex Automoney System is based on the analysis of Current Market Conditions, Trends and the Latest News. Forex Automoney is based on 3 trading strategies deliver Intraday, Short-Term and Weekly Forex signals.

■ Intraday Signals → 6 signals per day

■ Short-Term → 1 signal per day

■ Weekly → 1 signal per week


Forex Automoney Currency Pairs Traded

■ Forex Automoney trades 16 Forex Pairs:


■ Forex Automoney Stop-Loss Orders

Forex Automoney uses always Stop-Loss Orders in order to manage Risk and avoid heavy losses.




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Forex Automoney Signals Review


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