Forex Trading Tips

The Forex Trading TipsForex Trading Tips for Beginners

Forex Trading is a highly complicated job. Here are some trading tips from  

Forex Trading Tip 1:

“Know what you are trading”

The behavior of all currency pairs is not the same. Some currency pairs tend to be much more volatile and move faster than other pairs.

Table: Forex Currency Pairs & Volatility










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Knowing the special characteristics of each currency pair can really make the difference. That is why it is better to trade a couple of Forex pairs than trading 5-10 Forex pairs. Knowledge is power when trading Forex.

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Forex Trading Tip 2:

“Follow the Trend”

There are two ways to trade the Forex market. Either you are following the master trend or either you are trading against the master trend to profit from possible reversals. Been able to identify the right timing of a trend reversal is really difficult task even for Forex pros. The momentum in the Forex market usually lasts longer than any other capital market. It is better to trade in the same direction of the current trend, and this is valid even more as concerns Forex Beginners.


Forex Trading Tip 3:

“Use always a Stop-Loss Order –it is your trading shield”

This is maybe the most important of all Forex trading tips. A stop-loss order minimizes the potential of your loss when trading Forex, CFDs or any other type of derivatives. Unexpected news can make a currency extremely volatile. If you are trading without a stop-loss in the long term in a matter of months you will probably loose your total capital. Trading without a stop-loss is like going to war without a shield. Furthermore, any technological inefficiencies, like for example a PC breakdown, can lead to extreme losses without a stop-loss.

Usually a stop-loss order is 20 pips below the current price. As concerns high-volatility currency pairs a stop loss order can be 25-30 pips below the current price.


Forex Trading Tip 4:

“Adjust your Trading Leverage according to the market volatility”

Most Forex beginners see the Trading Leverage as a gift from their broker. Actually the rate of leverage is a factor that widens trading risk furthermore. If you use high leverage in all your Forex trades you will probably loose money in the long-run. This is because if you use high leverage you are forced to place a stop-loss order close to the current price and that makes you very vulnerable to market volatility. Don’t forget that trading is not free, you are paying either spreads or commissions or both. High leverage should be used only in special occasions when the probability of winning is really high.

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Forex Trading Tip 5:

“Choose only Trades with High Profit / Loss Ratio”

Money management is very crucial when trading Forex and especially as concerns the evaluation of the Profit / Loss ratio. If you choose trades with a low Profit / Loss ratio (for example P/L= 1) you will probably loose money. For example, let’s suppose you have executed 100 low-reward trades in a certain period as follows:

-55 winning trades

-45 loosing trades

If your profit / loss ratio was P/L=1 you will have probably lost money. That is because you pay a spread or a commission in every trade you execute, and the price of spread in 100 trades will be larger than the profit of 10 trades (55-45). So it is far better to wait and execute only trades with a high Profit / Loss ratio (P/L>2). This is especially valid for currency pairs which are offered in high spreads (minors).


Forex Trading Tip 6:

“Adjust you Stop-Loss and Don’t be Greed”

If you have entered a trade that has moved strongly in a desired direction you shouldn’t be greed. That doesn’t mean necessarily you should take the profit and run,  it means that you should re-adjust your stop-loss. Let’s suppose you have opened a position on EUR/USD:

Opened: 1.2800

Stop-Loss: 1.2760

During the same day EUR/USD has moved to 1.2890. Now, you can adjust your stop order at breakeven level (1.2800) and thus eliminating the possibility of loss in that particular trade. When you have entered a trade that have started to consolidate, close half of your lots and don’t be greed.


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Forex Trading Tip 7:

“Evaluate the Major Support and Resistance Levels”

Most Forex Traders are using technical analysis to determine the entry / exit points and time to trade. Been able to evaluate the master support and resistance levels is absolutely crucial in order to optimize your decision making process. Currency pairs tend to accumulate and move slower when reaching major support and resistance levels. In addition the volume activity tends to get stronger. Know and respect the major support and resistance levels of each currency pair you trade.


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Forex Trading Tip 8:

“Choosing Timing & Forex Sessions Overlap”

There are certain hours when the Forex sessions overlap and during those hours, volume is increased offering greater trade opportunities. In the table below you can see the two Forex Market time zones. 

Forex Time Zone

Forex Winter Time Zone (October - April)

Forex Summer Time Zone (April - october)






New York (Open-Close)

8:00 AM
5:00 PM

1:00 PM
10:00 PM

8:00 AM
5:00 PM

12:00 PM
9:00 PM

London (Open-Close)

3:00 AM
12:00 PM

8:00 AM
5:00 PM

3:00 AM
12:00 PM

7:00 AM
4:00 PM

Tokyo (Open-Close)

7:00 PM
4:00 AM

12:00 AM
9:00 AM

8:00 PM
5:00 AM

12:00 AM
9:00 AM


Forex Sessions Overlap

(i) At times when the European and the American markets are both open (between 8 am to 12 am EST) trading GBP/USD, EUR/USD and USD/CHF can lead to better performance.

Other good times for trading include:

(ii) 1 am to 3am (EST), when the European sessions are starting and the Asian sessions are closing.

(iii) 7 pm to 10 pm (EST), when the Asian and Australian sessions overlap.





Most Volatile Days of the Week

Additionally, some days of the week tend to be more volatile than others. In general, volatility in majors tend to be larger in the middle of the week and especially as concerns Tuesday and Wednesday. Furthermore Fridays are the weakest days as most Forex traders choose to close their positions towards the weekend.


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Forex Trading Tips

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Important Forex Trading Tips

1: Trade Forex at the Right Broker (best ECN / STP)

2. Know What you are Trading

3: Lean about Important Upcoming News

4. Identify and Respect Support & Resistance Levels

5. Use always a Stop-Loss and Respect Support Levels

6: Follow the Trend or Trade the Range (Choose Wisely)

7. Adjust your Leverage according to the Current Market Volatility & Liquidity Conditions

8: Execute only Trades Worth the Risk (High Profit / Loss Ratio)

9. Choose Trading at Times When the Trading Cost is Minimized (Tight Spreads)

10. Run your Profits and Cut your Losses (Statistically the best Trading Strategy)


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