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Volatility Factor Review (Expert Advisor)

Forex Robot: Volatility FactorVolatility Factor Expert Advisor

Trading Style: Scalping EURUSD, GBPUSD

Platform: MT4 (future MT5)

NFA Compliance: Yes

License: 1 Real Account / Unlimited Demo Accounts

Cost: $199 (Lifetime Updates)

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Introduction to Volatility Factor

The Volatility Factor is a Volatility-Driven Expert Advisor designed to trade exclusively GBPUSD and EURUSD via MetaTrader4. It can be used in any Forex Broker (including US), and in any account size.

How Volatility Factor Works?

The trading strategy incorporated in the system is based mainly on current market volatility and focus on optimal entry levels for opening new positions. The Forex Robot scalps Forex and targets to achieve profits of 8-15 pips per trade. It is designed to deliver 3/4 trades per day. The developers claim that by opening new positions in the right levels, the system places tighter stop-losses and thus offers reduced loss-potential.

Volatility Factor Winning RatioVolatlity Factor Backtest

The developers claim that their Expert Advisor has 80% winning ratio (back-tested in 13 years).

Avoiding Trending Markets

Volatility Factor strategy is oriented in analyzing Volatility to trade Ranging Markets and to quickly avoid New Market Trends.

Volatility Factor Trading Algorithm

The Volatility Factor algorithm is purely volatility-driven. There are 3 key points to measure and to evaluate volatility market conditions -according to the system:

1) Prevailing Range Level

This tool is designed to identify ranging markets. The algorithm uses a great number of calculations to confirm that the market is really ranging and not trending. Volatility Factor automatically detects and trades the prevailing range level.

2)Risk Management / Drawdown Control

This is a protection tool in case that a ranging market turns suddenly into a trending market. The Volatility Factor is able to deal with a breakout channel situation by closing all positions at once.

3)High Frequency of Trading

As we have already mentioned, the Expert Advisor is designed to deliver 3,4 trades in a daily basis.

The Volatility Factor version 5.2

The version 5.2 of the Forex Robot includes Optimized Settings in order to reduce the Loss Potential. The optimal Entry & Exit levels are determined by calculating the mathematical relation between the market volatility borders.

Here are Volatility Factor’s main characteristics in a glance..

Volatility Factor Main Trading Features

Volatility Factor Trading1) Trading EURUSD and GBPUSD by focusing on Market Volatility

2) Designed to deliver 3/4 trades per daily and 1,000 trades per year

3) Average Take Profit of 10 pips

4) Calibrating Risk Profile and Incorporating a Trading Strategy that combines 3 volatility filters

5) Trades any Account Size (Micro, Mini and Standar Accounts).

6) Operates in any MT4 Broker (future MT5 also) / NFA and FIFO Compliant

7) Works with 4 and 5 Digits (after decimal)

8) It incurs Spread & Slippage Protection

9) It provides Open-Trades Monitoring

10) It may trade two currencies at the same time

11) Lifetime Updates and Access to Members Area

12) Easy Install & Quick-Start Guide / 24/7 Help Desk Support

Volatility Factor Members Area

Traders using the member area are able to download Volatility Factor’s files and the related tutorials / documentation. Furthermore they are able to contact the customer support in 24/6 basis.

How Much the Volatility Factor Costs?

Volatility Factor Expert Advisor costs $199 (one time purchase) for 1 real account. Lifetime updates are included, while traders may use the Forex Robot to unlimited Demo Accounts. For traders that want to purchase 2 licenses, there is 50% discount on the 2nd license (total $299).


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Volatility Factor Review


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