EA BUILDER offers Customized Auto-Trading (EAs) without any programming skills. EA Builder can also create simple MT4 indicators and that service is 100% free

EA Builder Review

EA BUILDEREA Builder Review (Create Custom Expert Advisors)

 Forex Robot: EA Builder (Expert Advisor Creator)

 Robot Style: Create Custom EAs and Indicators with multiple functions

 Platform: MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, TradeStation

■ License: Unlimited Real / Demo Accounts

 Cost: Free for indicators / 97 USD (one-time) for EAs

This is the full review of the EA Builder

Introduction to the EA Builder

The EA Builder is a web-based application that helps traders to transform their trading ideas into fully automated systems. There is no need for programming skills and even beginners can create complex Expert Advisors. The EA Builder can also create simple indicators and that service is 100% free. You can create an automated strategy to trade any financial asset (Forex, Equities, Commodities) and use it on three trading platforms (MT4, MT5, and TradeStation).

EA Builder offers a user-friendly interface with graphical functions and pop-up help windows. There are also 15 video tutorials for making things further easier. EA Builder offers a full set of functions including stop-loss calculation and more complex money management tools. The EA Builder is free for creating indicators and costs 97USD for creating Expert Advisors.

» EA Builder Web

EA Builder Outlook


These are the main features of the EA Builder at a glance:

(1) Free for creating indicators for MT4, MT5, and TradeStation, paid only for creating EAs

(2) 100% Web-Based App, No need for Programming Skills

(3) EA Builder EAs can trade any financial market (Forex, Equities, and Commodities).

(4) EA Builder EAs can trade any asset in any timeframe. Binary Options Trading is also included.

(5) High-Customizable EA building (tens of functions). Alert Service via eMail, Audio, and On-Screen

(6) Full Money-Management control (spread and slippage control, sensitive orders).

(7) EA Builder offers also Binary Options Trading directly on MetaTrader 4.

(8) Can be used in unlimited real/demo accounts


EA Builder Basic Functions

EA Builder offers a great variety of standard indicators but also a full set of built-in functions. These functions include support and resistance, trendlines, time preferences, and much more:

• Full trading functionality

• Create Indicators for free and Custom Expert Advisors

• Arrows via a graphical interface

• Unlimited variables for creating automated strategies

• Full money management functions

• CCI Colored Indicator and Trending Break Alert

» Expert Advisor Builder Webpage

EA Builder Preferences

You can create your custom automated strategies to trade any financial asset on MetaTrader-4, MetaTrader-5, and TradeStation platforms. Alerts include email, audible alerts, and print to screen alerts.

  • EA Builder offers also Binary Options Trading directly on MetaTrader 4.

EA Output

The generated code by Ea Builder is human readable. The output does not use objects or complex classes, and it is included in a single file.


EA Builder Money Management

The EA Builder Money management functions can be customized with a few clicks by incorporating the following features:

• Fixed Lot Size for Forex (or Contracts for other instruments)

• Position Sizing Control (Limit your risk per trade)

• Apply a Martingale or an Anti-Martingale technique

• Customize Time Functions (Select Days or Hours for trading)


Installation of the EA Builder Robot

EA Builder is a pure web-based application and you have nothing to install into your computer. There are many popup-tips that are designed to guide beginners.

EA Builder is compatible with all browsers and can work on any computer (PC, Mac or Linux).

15 video tutorials are included in the EA Builder website. The creation of Expert Advisors is demonstrated in MetaTrader but also in TradeStation. You can get step-by-step help in order to create a trustworthy automated-Forex strategy.


EA Builder Conclusions

EA Builder is a very interesting application that can be used for free when creating indicators. These are some Advantages:

• Create Indicators for Free and EAs without acquiring any programming skills.

• EA Builder incorporates tens of functions that can integrate your ideas and transform them into a fully working automated Forex system.

• 100% web-based app, works in any computer or smartphone.

• The generated EAs can run in three different platforms (MT4, Mt5, and TradeStation)

• You may create EAs that trade any Financial Market via any Instrument (including binary options)

• Tight Management Control (Size, Risk, Spread and Time)

EA Builder Cost

The EA Builder is free for creating Indicators and it costs 97USD (one-time) for creating Expert Advisors. The EA Builder can be used in unlimited real/demo accounts.

» EA Builder for Creating Custom EAs




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EA Builder Review


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