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Forex Sakura Robot Review

Forex Sakura Robot Review

Forex Sakura ReviewForex Robot: Forex Sakura (Japanese Style)

Robot Style: Scalping EURUSD, USDJPY in H1 Timeframes

Platform: MetaTrader4

License: 2 Real Accounts

Cost: 98 USD (one-time)


This is the review of the new Forex Sakura Robot.

Introduction to the Forex Sakura

The Forex Sakura is a very innovative Forex Robot that works on Metatarder4 and trades only two Forex currencies (EURUSD, USDJPY) in a fully automated mode. The robot offers easy installation and configuration but for those wishing to customize it, it offers many options in order to fit any trading style. The robot incorporates unique filters as the News-Filter which allows the avoidance of trading during days of important news. The robot uses also additional filters to avoid high-spread and to avoid trading in sessions without strong trends (flat markets). Overall, what characterizes the Forex Sakura is its ability to perform selective trading and adapt in any market conditions. The selection includes trading hours, stealth mode, spread control, sensitive TP and SL and many other filters as they are presented below. The Forex Sakura costs 98USD.


Forex Sakura Outlook

These are the main features of the robot at a glance:

(1) Easy to install

(2) 100% Autopilot (install & trade)

(3) Trades only USDJPY, EURUSD

(4) Trades only in H1 timeframe

(5) High-Customizable upon selection

(6) Money-Management control (spread control, hedging, sensitive orders)

(7) Stealth Mode

(8) Continuously monitors trades and sends email Notification about Open-Orders

(9) Start trading with just $100 (Can operate even with 0.01 lot size)

(10) 4/5 Digits trading (automatic determination of 4 or 5 -digit broker)

(11) Automatic Time Settings

(12) News Filter (based on historical news data)

(13) 1-3 trades per day (on average) by using the default settings (note that Forex Sakura by default does not trade on Fridays)

(14) The Forex Sakura Robot continuously analyzes opening and closing prices, maximum and minimum levels

(15) Can be used in two (2) real accounts


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Forex Sakura Robot Algorithm

These are some basic facts about how the Forex Sakura operates.

Forex Sakura RobotForex Price Action

The Forex Sakura Robot is designed to analyze:

1- Opening and closing bars

2- Maximum and minimum price levels

3- Tic volume

When the combination of the above trading aspects seems favorable the system starts searching for the optimal level of entrance.

Four (4) Main Trading Filters

The trading signals generated by the Forex Price Action are evaluated and filtered via the use of 4 customizable indicators.

(1) Trend direction

The direction of any trend is evaluated by using 3 different moving averages. The number of bars used for calculation is changing according to the daily market volatility.

(2) Flat / Sideways Markets

This filter is used in order to avoid trading on flat markets, without strong trends.

(3) News Filter

This filter is used as a news-protection shield. This innovative filter scans price historical data in order to identify important news appearances on the upcoming calendar. This procedure is fully automated.

(4) Spread Control

The Forex Sakura includes the option of Spread Control. As the spread is dynamically changing traders may choose to execute their orders only in times when the spread is minimal. High-Spread trades are blocked by this Forex Sakura filter.


Forex Sakura Preferences


The robot trades in the H1 time frame as the Forex trends in the H1 timeframe are more pronounced and the likelihood of wrong orders is limited as the role of market noise is reduced.

Forex Pairs

The Forex Sakura focuses entirely on two Forex Pairs as it seeks for high liquidity and tight spreads:



These two pairs offer the ability to counterbalance any trade.


Main Forex Sakura Features

Here are some additional features of the Forex Sakura robot:

Open-Order Notifications

Via email notifications, users can receive information about the robot’s open orders.

Stealth Mode

The system offers a full Stealth Mode (invisible trailing). That is happening as the Forex Sakura Robot stores the current orders (SL and TP) in memory and the broker can’t know them. The real broker Stop-Loss level is kept to zero in order to avoid losses due to server connection problems.

Chose Max Buy / Sell Levels

The user can set its own max/min price levels at which the Forex Sakura will limit its trading action.

Activity Time Filter

The Forex robot is focusing on the most active Forex market sessions. This is happening in order to avoid flat markets which are common during off-peak hours. The robot avoids by rule these off-peak hours and incorporates an automatic determination of an offset. Traders can modify and correct this filter according to their broker’s specifications.


Forex Sakura Money Management

The money management option limits the use of available funds. The Forex Sakura Robot incorporates some mechanisms in order to protect the profits generated:

Minimum Margin Level Acceptance

The default value of the Min-Margin-Level parameter is 200%, which is considered optimal by the developer.

■ Min-Margin-Level parameter

Profit Protection

(1) Sensitive Trailing Stop-Loss

(2) Single Trailing Take-Profit

(3) Friday Trading (prevents opening orders on Friday, as Friday has proved the most unprofitable day to trade via an Expert Advisor. This is not the case for existing orders as the already opened orders are not closed on Fridays.

Hedging Trades

This feature opens orders in different directions. On small fluctuations, both orders can be closed in positive territory on setbacks (trailing SL). By default, it is disabled as some Forex brokers don’t allow hedging.

Sensitive Trailing Stop Loss

As soon as a trade gains certain numbers of pips the Trailing Stop Loss orders start to work. The trailing step is 0.1 pips by default.

Single Trailing Take Profit

This feature reduces the metering Take Profit. By default it is disabled.


Installation of the Forex Sakura Robot

Installing and customizing the robot is very easy and fast. After installation, the robot can operate in a fully automated mode without human intervention.


Forex Sakura Conclusions

This is a very interesting Forex Robot incorporating many innovations. You can install and set it immediately on autopilot mode or you can customize it according to your personal preferences and your trading style. Strict money-management, news-trading control, and other features make the Forex Sakura very adaptive to any market conditions. The only disadvantage is that the robot focuses entirely on two pairs (EURUSD and USDJPY) but this is maybe due to the fact that it can’t possibly monitor the whole Forex Market by applying many filters (News-Trading Control etc).


Forex Sakura Cost

The Forex Sakura costs 98USD. The robot can be used in two (2) real accounts.




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Forex Sakura Robot Review


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