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Review GPS 2 Fx Robot

GPS 2 Robot ReviewGPS Expert Advisor

Forex Robot: GPS Forex Robot 2

Developed by: Mark Larsen.

Trading Style: Scalping Forex

Platform: MT4 / MT5

Cost: 167 USD (one-time)



GPS Forex Robot Review

The GPS Expert Advisor is a pure Forex scalper developed by Mark Larsen. The main difference between version 2.0 of the GPS Robot compared to version 1.0 is that the second version is much faster. This characteristic is crucial for a Forex scalper. The robot trades a great variety of currency pairs based on the Asian Session. The currencies traded include EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, and some others.

 GPS Expert Advisor

How the GPS Forex Robot Forex Robot Works?

GPS Forex Robot is a scalping machine targeting profits of about 25 pips. This expert advisor focuses entirely on the Asian session and targets to execute profitable trades based on price inefficiencies. The GPS 2 algorithm includes a Trailing Take-Profit order to secure gains while there is also a reverse strategy include in order to offset risk.


GPS Forex Robot Past Performance

According to the past 6 years, the performance of the GPS Robot is good and that is based on both the win-to-lose ratio and Drawdown ratio (%).

 Gps Robot Performance

GPS Forex Robot 2 Basic Settings

GPS Robot 2 is a fully-customized Expert Advisor so that it can adapt to any trading style.


GPS Forex Robot 2 Review Key Points:

Here are the main features of GPS Robot 2:

GPS Expert Advisor■ The GPS 2 scalps the Asian Session

■ The Robot can be fully customized

■ The Robot can be fully adapted to multiple trading styles

■ The GPS Robot 2 trades a great variety of currency pairs

■ Trades multiple time frames

■ The GPS Robot 2 targets profits of about 25 pips

■ Trades any market conditions

■ The GPS Robot 2 Implements a wide Stop-Loss strategy

■ The Robot is using Trailing Take-Profit Orders

■ GPS Robot 2 includes a Reverse Strategy to minimize risk


How much GPS Forex Robot 2 Costs?

The GPS Robot 2 costs 169 USD for a one-time purchase. 





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■ GPS Forex Robot 2 Review


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