Rating Brokers Formula v.4.0

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Forex Rating Formula 4.0

FxPros Forex Broker Rating Section

“The FxPros Ratings are based on Rating Brokers Formula v.4.0”

The complete series of Rating Formulas are introduced by our partner site TradingCenter.org. This innovative method of rating aims to provide a new and reliable way of rating the Financial Industry. And that means an objective and reliable way of rating brokerage services. Many versions of the rating formula have been published already and they are designed to fit the special needs of Forex and Binary Options traders.

The Rating Section of FxPros.net is made using the 4th version of the formula, which exclusively focuses on rating Forex Brokers.


The 4-Factor Model behind the Rating Formula v.4.0

The series of Rating Formulas by TradingCenter.org represents a brand new way of rating financial services. Most ratings found on the internet today are made by users (User Ratings). Based on research, more than half (50%) of these user ratings are fake. Brokerage companies have a huge incentive to hire outsiders to rate them favorably and rate their competitors unfavorably. The series of the Rating Formula is designed to solve that problem by providing a 100% objective framework for rating Financial Services (Brokers). Two categories of brokerage services have been rated so far, Forex Brokers and Binary Options Brokers. The Rating Formula v5.0 is developed to rate Forex Brokers using some innovative features.

“The Formula is based on 4 Important Aspects when Trading Forex”


(1) Total Safety of Trading Funds

■ Weight 26.00%

1.1 Regulation | 1.2 Corporate Base | 1.3 Years in the market | 1.4 Segregated Client Account | 1.5 Other (Online) Ratings

1.6 ADJUSTMENTS: 1.6.1 Corporate Size Factor


(2) Total Trading Cost

■ Weight 28.00%

2.1 Spread on EUR/USD | 2.2 Spread on GBP/USD | 2.3 Spread on USD/JPY | 2.4 Commissions Charged | 2.5 Funding Fees | 2.6 Maintenance Fees

2.7 ADJUSTMENTS: 2.7.1 Execution Type (ECN, STP, or Market Maker)


(3) Availability of Trading Options

■ Weight 26.00%

3.1 Forex Asset Index | 3.2 CFD Trading | 3.3 Demo Account | 3.4 Trading Leverage | 3.5 Trading Rebate/Bonus | 3.6 Minimum Deposit Requirements | 3.7 Deposit Methods | 3.8 Withdrawal Methods

3.9 ADJUSTMENTS: 3.9.1 Asset Index with more than 100 Forex Pairs | 3.9.2 Offering Interest on Deposit | 3.9.3 Trading Contests


(4) Level of Technology

■ Weight 20.00%

4.1 Trading Platforms | 4.2 Slippage on Order Execution | 4.3 Automated Trading | 4.4 MT4 / MT5 Platforms | 4.5 Mobile Apps | 4.6 Scalping/Hedging | 4.7 Customer Service

4.8 ADJUSTMENTS: 4.8.1 PAMM Accounts | 4.8.2 API Trading


» The full Rating Formula v.4.0 at TradingCenter.org


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