Million Dollar Pips Review

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Million Dollar Pips
  • Forex Robot: Million Dollar Pips
  • Developed by: William Morrison
  • Trading Style: Scalping 1M EURUSD Forex Chart
  • Platform: MT4
  • NFA Compliance: Yes
  • Cost: 99 USD (one-time)

Million Dollar Pips Review

Million Dollar Pips is an automated Forex Scalping Robot developed by William Morrison. The system is compliant with the US National Futures Association (NFA). The Million Dollar Pips is a Forex Robot easy to install even for beginners.

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How does the Million Dollar Pips Forex Robot Works?

The Million Dollar Pips Robot is programmed to trade EURUSD using a tight risk-to-loss ratio and that means that the stop-loss of any trade is close to opening position price. The Million Dollar Pips are scalping EURUSD only in a 1-Minute chart.

The Million Dollar Pips set the Stop-loss and Take-profit orders of every trade according to the current market dynamics. The robot is a Forex scalper so it executes a great number of trades every minute if the market conditions are considered favorable. As with every other Forex Scalper, the Million Dollar Pips should be used in individual Live Accounts without interference.

Million Dollar Pips Basic Trading Features

The Million Dollar Pips expert advisor is a Forex scalper that focuses on money management. Here are the basic features of the Forex Robot:

1. Scalping the 1-Minute EURUSD Chart

2. It uses tight risk management with P/L at about 2.3 on average

3. The Robot uses multiple strategies combining a price-action algorithm and a set of technical analysis indicators

4. The Million Dollar Pips uses no martingale and no hedging and thus it is compliant with NFA

5. Traders may use the system for as low as $150

Million Dollar Pips Past Performance

The Million Dollar Pips is designed to detect short-term price breakouts and make profits on tiny moves of about 6-7 pips on average. The target profit is usually 15-20 pips above the opening price.

Here is the complete Million Dollar Pips Statistical Performance:

1. Average Winning Trade is 6-7 pips

2. Average Target-Profit is 15-20 pips

3. Average Profit/Loss Ratio is about 2.5

4. Average Trade Duration is 2 minutes

Million Dollar Pips Basic Settings

You can use the robot on both Demo and Real Accounts. It is highly recommended to use the Million Dollar Pips only with an ECN or STP Broker, not a market maker. The reason is that market makers (or agents) usually charge high spreads and offer trading with high delays. When you are using a scalper targeting 15-20 pips gain it is obvious that wide spreads are killing your profit potential.

Million Dollar Pips Package

The Robot comes along with a simple step-2-step installing and operating guide. Once traders download the Million Dollar Pips they get instructions about how to start using the expert advisor. The package includes also free future updates.

Million Dollar Pips Review Conclusions

This is a Forex Scalper designed to trade the EURUSD on a 1-Minute Chart. As with any other Forex Expert Advisor, traders must understand how the system works before trading for real money. The use of a demo account can prove a reliable solution before trading in a live account.

How much does Million Dollar Pips Costs?

The Million Dollar Pips costs 99 USD (one-time purchase). Free future updates are included.

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