Forex Trading FAQ

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Forex Trading Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Foreign Exchange Market?

The Forex (Foreign exchange) market is a giant and highly liquid financial market operating 24/5. The Forex market is a 100% decentralized market that is based on the Electronic Network of the banks (ECN). World currencies are traded within Forex in pairs and it is estimated that the daily volume activity in Forex today is reaching 4 trillion USD.


Rating Brokers Formula v.4.0

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FxPros Forex Broker Rating Section

“The FxPros Ratings are based on Rating Brokers Formula v.4.0”

The complete series of Rating Formulas are introduced by our partner site This innovative method of rating aims to provide a new and reliable way of rating the Financial Industry. And that means an objective and reliable way of rating brokerage services. Many versions of the rating formula have been published already and they are designed to fit the special needs of Forex and Binary Options traders.