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Trader-On-Chart Review

1-Click Forex Trading System

  • Trading System Name: Trader On Chart

  • System Type: MT4 Automation Software

  • Delivery: 1-Click Manual Trading (Forex, CFDs, Metals, etc)

  • Platforms: MetaTrader4

  • Price: 59 Euro (one-time purchase)


Trader-On-Chart Review -Basic Information

Trader-On-Chart is a software application that plugs into the MetaTrader4 platform to provide traders with some unique features. The software aims to offer important facilities for all MT4 manual traders. Trader-On-Chart can be used in every broker account (ECN, STP, or Dealing Desk) and in every financial instrument offered via MetaTrader4 (All Forex currencies, CFDs, Futures, Metals, etc). The application is very effective as it concerns Money Management Automation. By using Trader-On-Chart you may easily execute trades according to your exact desired risk exposure, lot size, etc. Accuracy and fast calculation make Trader-On-Chart a good choice for day/intraday traders. The application offers a lifetime license and 1-year free updates.

Forex X Code Review

Trading System: Forex X Code

  • System Type: Trend & Range Scanner
  • Delivery: Display on Charts, Mobile Alerts, Desktop Pop-Ups
  • Platforms: Only MetaTrader
  • Price: $80 (one-time)

Forex X Code Review

Introduction to the Forex X Code System

The system is an MT4 indicator that is designed to identify Trending and Ranging Markets and to provide specific trading suggestions (trading signals). Colorful Lines indicate the optimal levels of buying and selling Forex Currencies or any other Financial Asset. The system is easy to use and it allows trading with just $50 in your account.


Trading Markets

Forex X Code is designed to trade all Forex Currency Pairs, Commodities, Stocks, and Bonds. It can trade anything as long as it is available on a MetaTrader Platform.

Vladimir Forex Academy

Vladimir Forex Academy Review Vladimir Trading Academy

Forex Signaling Service: Vladimir Forex Academy

Delivery: Automated Forex Copier | Trading Room | eMail

Platforms: MetaTrader4 | Trading Room

Markets: Focus on Forex / Commodities / Stocks and Indices

Subscription: $77 per month / $127 per month (VIP)

» Vladimir Forex Academy

Forex Mentor Pro

Reviewing Forex Mentor Pro

  • Trading System Name: Forex Mentor Pro

  • System Type: Forex Learning, Trading, and Support

  • Delivery: Members Area / Private Forums / Daily Video Analysis

  • Price: $47 per month ($1 for the 7-day Trial)

» Forex Mentor Pro WebSite


Introduction to Forex Mentor Pro System

Forex Mentor Pro is a trading system that aims to help traders first learn Forex and then trade it. Forex Mentor Pro gives extra weight to the learning and gaining experience factors. Full professional support can be provided at any time using the member’s area which includes also the private forums. The full service can be tested in a 7-day trial that costs 1 USD.

TradeMiner Review

Trading System Name: TradeMiner

  • System Type: Forex Research Service

  • Platforms: Any PC running Java

  • Markets: 24 Forex Pairs | Stocks | Futures

  • Buy Now: $97 for Each System (One-Time Fee)


TradeMiner Basic Information

TradeMiner is a trading research system developed by Gecko Software. TradeMiner is a professional market research tool that identifies market cycles and historical trends over time. The system can be used to analyze Forex, Stocks, or Futures. The product can be bought for $97 (individual price for Forex, Stocks, or Futures System). Traders may purchase all three systems for $197. TradeMiner does not charge any additional monthly service fees.