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1000pip Climber Review


The 1000pip Climber is a simple Forex trading system that generates daily signals. The trading signals are delivered via several types of alerts (email, visual, audio, MT4 notifications) and incorporate an entry price plus the stop loss and take profit price levels.

  • Trading System Name: 1000pip Climber
  • System Type: Manual Forex Signaling Machine
  • Signals Delivery: E-mail, Visual, Sound, and MT4 Alerts
  • Platforms: MT4 (or other platform)
  • Price: $97 (one-off payment)

» The 1000pip Climber website

1000pip Climber Basic Information

The 1000pip Climber continuously analyzes 6 major Forex pairs by focusing on strong trends and high-probability movements. Once a potential profitable trade is identified the system generates an alert that is delivered to users visually, audibly, or even by email.

Basic Features

  • Easy-to-install and follow
  • Daily trading signals on 15-minute to 4-hour charts
  • Rule-based and fully mechanical trading algorithm
  • Precise trade specifications
  • Video and PDF guide, plus after-sales support


1000pip Climber System Algorithm

The system is designed to operate as a signaling machine on short-term and medium-term Forex trends:

  • Based on MetaTrader-4 (MT4)
  • 15-minute, 1 hour and 4-hour timeframes

The algorithm is programmed to identify potential high-probability trades:

  • Daily Forex trading signals on six (6) major currency pairs
  • MT4 Push notifications are available

The trader needs only to decide the size of the opening position.

  • Precise entries (easy to follow)
  • No money management

The following chart presents a number of the 1000pip climber alerts:

Image: 1000pip Climber trading alerts



Final Thoughts on the 1000pip Climber Review

The 1000pip Climber is a simple and easy-to-follow manual Forex trading system. You don’t need a lot of skills to trade with 1000pip Climber, apart of course from understanding risk management.

The system offers detailed entries along with the take profit and stop levels. The focus is on high-probability trades and not on high Reward/Risk trades.

  • Targeting high probability trades, and not high Reward/Risk trades

The developer argues that the 1000pip Climber targeted 20,000 pips over the past three years. This argument cannot be confirmed in this review, however, it can be confirmed that the system shows a low refund rate. That is an indication that most traders are happy using 1000pip Climber. Overall, 1000pip Climber is a simple Forex trading system and a fair choice for beginners and semi-advanced currency traders.

□ Price: $97 one-off (lifetime license)

» The 1000pip Climber website


1000pip Climber Review

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